The Women's Rights blog over at brings up an interesting issue with this season of Dancing with the Stars: The near obsession with Niecy Nash's weight.

Since the beginning, Nash has been known for three things on the show: Her humor, her bust size, and her love of eating. To be fair, she lead the charge with that focus, but it's one thing for her to mock herself; it's another for the show to do so. As the blog writer, Aimee Sea, points out, during Tuesday's edition, the shots of Niecy eating food were rampant. Why doesn't Dancing with the Stars show the other contestants eating?

Now that the star has been voted off, the weight references will likely die down. But should they be shuffled away for good? Next season, when a plus-sized woman or man hits the dance floor, here's hoping there's more to their behind-the-scenes clips than what they ate for lunch.