Credit: Larry Busacca/ Getty Images Photo: Chris Brown Performing on DWTS

As you’ve probably heard by now, music star Chris Brown had a blow up after performing and being interviewed on Good Morning America this morning (March 22, 2011), smashing windows, throwing chairs, and leaving the ABC studios without his shirt on. Chris was apparently upset with the line of questioning that host Robin Roberts was asking him, most of which focused on his abuse of pop superstar/ former girlfriend Rihanna. (Way to make people think you’re aren’t an irrationally violent abuser, Chris!)

What does this have to do with Dancing With the Stars? Chris is currently scheduled to appear on the show next week during the elimination show, something that fans are none-too-pleased with. TMZ reports that several fans have taken to the message boards to complain and demand that Brown does not perform.

“Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing With the Stars!” wrote one person. “I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

Some fans are even organizing an email campaign to keep Chris away.

What do you think? Should Chris be allowed to perform next week?

Source: TMZ


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