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Mark Ballas, in full hipster mode, was the latest Dancing With the Stars pro to visit Bethenny Frankel’s new show to talk about awkward things. This time, one of the main topics was boobs.

Bethenny quoted some German study that said 10 minutes of staring at a woman's breasts is equal to 30 minutes of cardio. (Side note: You know some horny German dude totally made that up.) Bethenny said Mark is in a good position for this since he's "in the business of breasts" at DWTS. "Yeah. Just breasts everywhere on the show," Mark said. "I don't think I gain any extra workout from it. I think it's the 10 hours of the Cha-Cha [that does it]."

Bethenny asked about the new fashion trend of the "side boob." “I’m all about the side boob," Mark said. Bethenny showed a bunch of celeb side boob photos, including Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway showing a little too much boobage, even for Mark. Mark said he's used to side boob because of the costumes on DWTS and he prefers when there's just a hint. "It's like kind of sexy elegant, but it's not trashy."

Watch the video to hear more from Bethenny's guy panel, including their thoughts on STDs and whether men and women should have a lot of friends of the opposite sex. It’s pretty revealing.

Credit: YouTube Photo: What Is DWTS Pro Mark Ballas' Favorite Type of Cleavage? (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube (via @DWTSGossip)

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