Credit: Anthony/Pacific Coast News Photo: Louis van Amstel Flashes a Smile After Rehearsal

We love dance competition shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, but we weren't so sure about the new candid reality show from Lifetime, Dance Moms. The show's about  a very strict dance teacher yelling at young dancers to make them better, or something (we don't know, we had to turn it off after ten minutes).

Beloved DWTS pro Louis van Amstel (we miss you!) took to Twitter yesterday, confirming our suspicion that Dance Moms has very little to do with what the dance world should look like.

"Someone tweeted me about Dance Moms," he tweeted. "I'm watching it to make up my own mind if it should be canceled. 1 minute in I'm already disgusted!!!" He went on to explain that he thinks the harsh dance instructor on the show, Abby Miller, "should be ashamed of herself," calling her behavior "almost abusive."

He issued this plea to the parents of young dancers: "I'm asking u to watch Dance Moms... NEVER let [your] kids take lessons from a teacher like her. How unprofessional!"

Way to tell it like it is, Louie!

Source: Twitter