From Dancing with the Stars to Good Morning America. That's the path Erin Andrews has taken post-DWTS Season 10, and she'll make her first appearance on the morning show tomorrow!

In addition to her duties with ESPN, Erin will be a correspondant for GMA assigned to special projects. And in this case, it's one near and dear to her heart: stalking. Erin will sit down with three women who were the victims of stalking and who are speaking out in order to raise awareness about the issue. Andrews chronicles the push for tougher anti-stalking laws, something she lobbied for last month at a congressional hearing on the issue.

Of course, we never know when a segment is going to air, so it would be a good bet to keep GMA on all morning. Think of it as a two-for-one: We get to see Erin and learn about a very serious issue in today's society. It's a win-win scenario!

Source: ABC Press Release