Boo-hoo, poor Erin Andrews! The former DWTS contestant is the first person in the show's history to complain (yes, complain!) about her recent weight loss. She tells, "I'm a little more thin right now than I'd like to be." Apparently, she's lost a whopping 10 pounds from DWTS making the already-slender ESPN reporter ultra-skinny. OK, so we can't hate her for being health conscious, but geesh, it could be a lot worse, girl. However, we think it's the extra dance practices her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, had Erin doing off camera that contributed to her overall weight loss — the two have been a speculated item since (and during) the show ended in late May. Awwww!

So what's a girl to do with bikini season right around the corner? Supposedly, Erin's not worrying about it and she's actually hoping to gain the weight back by "being sloppy, eating cheeseburgers, having fries and grits in the morning." This is so, so not fair, but we applaud her for admitting when she's too skinny and hope she enjoys all the greasy food for us, cuz' we're obviously jealous. Bikini season, what's that?