Credit: Dimitry Loiseau/ Photo: Dmitry Chaplin Shows His Bod in a Photo Shoot for Regard Magazine Dmitry

Between Mya, Holly Madison, and Petra Nemcova, Dmitry Chaplin has danced with some of the world’s most attractive women, so maybe it’s not surprising that when it comes to casting Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars, the pro-dancer is aiming high.

“After watching Black Swan, I think Natalie Portman would be amazing, since she can dance,” Chaplin told Wetpaint of his wish list for potential partners. And in second place, in case the mother of a newborn isn’t planning to add ballroom dancing to her already full plate? “What about Angelina Jolie?”

Regardless of who he ends up partnered with, Chaplin hopes he’s coming back to dance another day on the show. “I’m living the dream by doing what I love doing,” he told us. “I could be dancing all day long and to me it would seem like it’s an hour.”

Unlike his co-star Kym Johnson, who says she can gauge her partner’s capabilities in the first hour, Chaplin says he’s constantly surprised by the evolution of his celeb partners. “It was so unpredictable last season,” he says. “No one knew where we were going to end up. With Petra, I thought we were going to be gone the first week because I tried to teach her to step forward, and she fell off [the choreography]. But celebrities improve, too. She came out in her first dance and was amazing.”

Credit: Wetpaint Photo: Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Cheryl Burke Romance Rumors Roundup