Credit: YouTube Photo: Video: Nicole Scherzinger on DWTS

Long before she was getting booed off stage on The X-Factor, Nicole Scherzinger was the emotional “artist” of Dancing With the Stars Season 10.

Nicole was a fantastic dancer from Week 1 and didn’t really need Derek Hough to get to the end — but combining forces they became the season’s unbeatable team. One of their shining moments was when all the couples had to dance to the theme of a particular era and they ended up with “1950s” and “Paso Doble.” Even Derek was stumped with that choreography. But as we all know now — hey there, Psycho Tango! — when Derek gets stumped, inspiration is close behind. Watch the future Mirror Ball champions in action and hope DWTS Season 14 features more routines like this.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough's '50s Paso Doble on DWTS