Credit: Photo: Florence Goes Floraunch

She wasn't the only one. Speaking with Us Weekly after being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night, Florence Henderson said she was "surprised" to go home.

"[I] was a little surprised," said the former Mrs. Brady. "But you know I've watched this show since it began, and I've seen absolutely shocking things happen on it, so somebody has to go." Amen to that.

On the flipside, Bristol herself said she was "relieved" after the voting went down. "It is like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was scared and nervous going into the night, but we got through so that's very exciting ... I was definitely surprised and shocked when they said we were safe... with our low scores and stuff, it was pretty stressful." Does Bristol think flirting with disaster will help her in the future?

"[My confidence is] pretty high ... but I know we've got lots of work to do for next week, and I'm ready to go practice."

Source: Us


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