Close your eyes and imagine barely-dressed celebrities, sweaty bodies pressed against each other, hips grinding in rhythm. No, this is no Skinemax after-midnight flick. This is Dancing with the Stars, people! With heavenly bodies and white-hot moments like these, it's no surprise that some DWTS couples have chosen to take their chemistry off the dance floor. So far, the reality dance competition features not one, but two happily married couples, one engaged couple, and a dozen other rumored showmances. And here's a funny fact: DWTS has a better track record than its sister show The Bachelor!
Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke (Season 2)
Boybander Drew Lachey and his partner Cheryl Burke were known for some wicked hot dances in Season 2, so why not an off-show relationship? Wellllll, there was the small fact that Drew was married and had a young daughter. Nonetheless rumors sparked that the dancing duo were hooking up during their season together. Rumors flared up again as early 2008, when they were allegedly caught by her then-boyfriend Matt Lawrence practicing their lambada  — erm, horizontally — in a dressing room during the DWTS tour. (Shame, shame, we know your names!) Predictably, Drew and Cheryl both deny that anything ever happened. Sure...
Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff (Season 3)
They were first confirmed hook-up between a celebrity and a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars! Actor Mario Lopez and his smokin' partner Karina Smirnoff came so close to winning the Dancing with the Stars title. They finished second in Season 3, but don't feel too sorry for them! Not long after the finale, the couple vacationed in Mexico and got a little PDA-friendly for the papz. They soon embarked on a two-year relationship. Mario and Karina moved in together in May 2007, but split a year later.
Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas (Season 5)
Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan and pro dancer Mark Ballas were shockingly eliminated in Week 6 of DWTS Season 5 despite their stellar scores at judging. Less shocking was their post-elimination convergence as a couple. After all, the pair called each other "baby" at judging and looked way too cozy during rehearsal! After their season wrapped, Sabrina and Mark continued dating throughout the Dancing With The Stars tour. Their love didn't last long, though. The couple broke up less than a year later in May 2008.
Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough (Season 6)
After finishing sixth in Season 6, actress Shannon Elizabeth and pro dancer Derek Hough were photographed sharing a smooch on a beach in Malibu. They went on to date for more than a year, but in August 2009, the couple announced their break up — via Twitter, naturally. Hough tweeted, “Hi everyone, we wanted you all to know directly from us, that Shannon & I have decided to end our relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend...” Because you know, they're still 16. Let's hope, Shannon gave Derek his letterman jacket back. Wah-wah.
Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin (Season 8)
These two were the first (rumored) romance of Season 8! Just a day after their elimination from Dancing With The Stars in Week 4, partners Holly Madison (The Girls Next Door) and Dmitry were photographed one evening arriving at Gramercy Park Hotel together. It's not really clear whether anything was actually going on, or if they were just doing a promo tour together, but hey, why not? She was Hugh Hefner's honey and posed for Playboy, and he's a sexy dancer who can barely keep his shirt on. We're thinking this smokin' hot pair used rehearsal to get a lot closer. See, it's not so unthinkable...
Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Miss Karina makes it on our list again. Clearly this woman loves mixing business with pleasure! Smirnoff upgraded from celebrity to pro dancer in the summer of 2008, when she and fellow Dancing With The Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy began dating. He popped the question on New Year's Eve of that year, and she said yes, but they announced their split just prior to the start of Season 9. And yet another DWTS star (see: Derek Hough, above) broadcasts his breakup via Twitter: Maks tweeted on his short engagement saying, “What was meant to be a ‘life long book’, turned into a ‘chapter’…….and now that ‘chapter’ is finished…… Se la vie….” Ouch. Wonder if the break up made things awkward between the co-workers?
Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo
Pro dancers Edyta Sliwinka and Alec Mazo were professional dance partners for years before becoming a couple. Edyta and Alec found themselves competing against each other in Season 1 of DWTS. Obviously the competition didn't hurt their relationship because the real-life couple got hitched in September 2007 and are still going strong! Can we get a collective "awww?"
Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts
Pro dancers Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya are the second married couple to grace DWTS. Like Edyta and Alec, the two began as dance partners before getting romantically involved. Jonathan and Anna eventually tied the knot in September 2004. Working with your hubby apparently has its perks (besides the carpool to the dance studio, of course). Jonathan stepped in to help train Anna's Season 6 celebrity partner Steve Guttenberg when Anna was sick. Whatta guy!