Credit: Twitter Photo: Brooke Burke's Tone & Tighten DVD Cover

40-year-old mother of four Brooke Burke-Charvet is an inspiration to anyone wanting to lose weight and look even halfway decent — never mind model-perfect. The Dancing With the Stars Season 7 champ and current co-host released two new Transform Your Body DVDs earlier this month.

As she tweeted on Thursday, “My gift to you... Here's my workout. Let's get in shape together!!! Check it out! On sale @BestBuy & @Amazon! Thx @gregmytrainer. @SoActiveFitness.”

It’s not technically a gift if you have to pay for it, but one DVD is focused on “Tone & Tighten” and the other is about “Strengthen & Condition.” Then again, you can also work out with Brooke via a series of Transform Your Body YouTube videos. You'll have to click to get to the next video every minute and a half, but it’s possible — and it is free.

Source: Twitter

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Brooke Burke Teaches Pushups