Credit: Photo: Hope Solo at the Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Finale After-Party

Just because Hope Solo showed up to the Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Finale (despite rumors that she had become too discouraged with the judging to appear alongside the other eliminated contestants at the finale) doesn’t mean she’s finished licking her wounds.

The Olympian and DWTS semifinalist went on Anderson Cooper’s new daytime TV show, Anderson, and took issue with DWTS for allegedly editing her to look meaner than she really is in real life. She explains:

“It is very much reality television. I think from day one they casted our characters. And we would be rehearsing for seven hours a day. Maks [Chmerkovskiy] and I became great friends and we had an endearing relationship. The 45 minutes in the whole seven hours that were the most frustrating and the toughest where I am cursing and kicking walls is what America got to see.”


Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Hope Solo Discusses Her Dancing With the Stars Experience With Anderson Cooper

She also tells Andy that she never got exhausted until Week 9, when she had to do three dances, and “Maks and I decided to do every lift possible.”

We have to admit, we like Hope a little more in this interview for admitting that, going into the experience, she thought, “I’m the worst dancer in the world.” Having the guts to know that and still try her hardest is admirable. So is being told she “had too much muscle... and wasn’t dainty” by the judges, and still deciding to wear fringed pants for two weeks. 

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