We've been going back and forth on the conspiracy theory about just how Bristol Palin is staying on Dancing with the Stars, and now it appears we have our answer. It's not that Republicans are organizing in massive groups; it's that the organized Republicans are gaming the ABC voting system to their advantage. As in: There is no real e-mail verification on voting, meaning a person can make up an e-mail address and vote as much as they want.

Jezebel reports that it's happening, with fans writing things like, "Got my 80 votes in online…took 2 hours. I am beat." Yikes. Even further, apparently Republicans are using this as an opportunity to show that the liberals don't run Hollywood. Or something.

If you don't think this is working, Jezebel notes that predictions have Bristol Palin being totally safe in tonight's elimination voting. Can that even be? We'll all find out in a matter of hours.

Source: Jezebel

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