We’ve often wondered if the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars were really putting themselves through so much pain just for the spotlight and the Mirror Ball trophy, or if they got paid a decent salary for their time. A new report states that there is definitely a cash incentive, and it’s nothing to sniff at.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “all the celebrity dancers start with a guaranteed salary of $125,000, then any additional pay escalates the longer they stay on the show.” That means that, no matter how long they last, each star has a hefty base salary just be agreeing to do the season.

But what about those that make it to the Finals? The Journal-Sentinel reports that “The maximum someone can make by staying for the entire season is $365,000.” That’s a serious chunk of change, especially for some of the fading DWTS stars who haven’t worked very much in years. Suddenly all the pressure to go far in the competition makes sense!

Last year, we reported on the dance pros’ salaries, which we estimated to be approximately $5,000 to $10,000 per week. To put it bluntly, the Journal-Sentinel says, “the pay appears to be substantially lower.” Indeed!

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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