You think the Dancing with the Stars stars go through all of the pain and humiliation for nothing? No freaking way!

Sure, they do it for the shot of fame rejuvenation that often leads them to exciting career prospects. But they also do it for the money. And how much money is that, exactly?

Well, back in 2010 The Hollywood Reporter said that the pay works like this: "$125,000 for signing, three weeks of rehearsal before the premiere and competing in the first two episodes, even if the cast member is cut after the first dance." After that, they get "$10,000 an episode for Weeks 3 and 4, $20,000 an episode for Weeks 5 and 6, $30,000 an episode for Weeks 7 and 8, and $50,000 an episode for the final two weeks."

Last season (Season 18), TMZ got its hands on Cody Simpson's contract, and it confirmed similar numbers: a guaranteed $125,000, more money the longer you last, and a bonus cap at $50,000 for the finals. Cody's contract also had plenty of requirements for him, like appearing on certain talk and late night shows, and also agreeing to keep a mic on himself at basically all times during rehearsals and training.

So there you have it: The celebs work hard, but they also get paid a pretty penny for their efforts.

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