Credit: ABC Photo: Tony Dovolani

Tony Dovolani is thirty-nine years old? Get OUT of here! He's so graceful, so lively, and so darned energetic, we'd have guessed he was maybe early thirties at most, but birth certificates do not lie (except if you believe Donald Trump about Barack Obama's!) Tony was born on July 17, 1973. He is a native of Kosovo, but he moved to Connecticut with his family when he was fifteen. His dancing began at a very young age — he was folk dancing at 3! — but he found his true calling upon visiting a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. The ballroom was to be his world! It wasn't until he first appeared as a pro on Dancing with the Stars during Season 2 that those of us outside ballroom dancing first learned of him. He was paired then with wrestler Stacy Keibler (current girlfriend of George Clooney). In the seasons since, Tony has twirled some sublime partners (hello, Melissa Rycroft) around the dance floor — and some, well, less than sublime (who can forget the Kate Gosselin season?) but no matter what, Tony remains Tony -- ageless and awesome!