Credit: Instagram Photo: Sean Lowe and Chris Harrison Hang Out on Bachelor Set

You guys, there is a traitor among us. A traitor who loves casual menswear, the smell of roses, and forcing bikini clad ladies to wade through vats of whipped cream. Yes, we're talking about Chris Harrison, aka The Bachelor and Bachelorette's resident pimp.

So, why is Chris in our Mean Girls-inspired Burn Book (right next to Diet Coke)? Because it appears that he's stanning for none other than soap-actor Ingo Rademacher, Bachelor Sean Lowe's biggest competition (to not be eliminated) on Dancing With The Stars.

"True story @IngoRademacher & @craighummer taught me to paddle & surf 13 years ago when I first moved to LA," Chris tweeted on April 22, causing us to shake our heads at our computers in dismay.

We know Chris can't go back in time and unfriend Ingo, but this new alliance could be devastating to Team Sean. After all, without Chris's die-hard support, Sean might revert back to his pre-Bachelor feral self and start scavenging the wilds of Los Angeles for barbeque, which will make his pirouettes super clunky.

Sob, what have you done, Chris? What have you done?

Do you think Chris is Team Sean or Team Ingo? Hit the comments!

Source: Twitter