Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson on DWTS May 16, 2011

We expect passionate outbursts from crazy judge Bruno Tonioli. But Brooke Burke? Even the Celebriquarium queen made our list of top 10 quotes from Dancing With the Stars Season 12, Week 9:

10. Len Goodman [while criticizing Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas]: "Don't hold a grudge against the judge."
Can we hold a grudge against your cheesy rhymes?

9. Tom Bergeron [to Ralph Macchio]: "The butt-booster pants work, buddy!"
What’s worse, talking to Ralph as if he’s a toddler in diapers or making lewd statements about his lamppost?

8. Bruno Tonioli: "Hines, just one sentence can describe you: 'You're just beautiful, man.'"
Aww! Bruno really can be sweet sometimes. But most of the time he’s just horny.

7. Maksim Chmerkovskiy [to Kirstie Alley]: "Stop reacting on my negative things in a negative way, because then we're both negative. One of us has to stay normal."
Oh, Maks. You and Kirstie have no shot at being “normal.” But, you know, a quick solution would be to stop being so negative yourself.     

6. Bruno [to Ralph]: "You definitely went for a badass Salsa. Are you wearing extra large diapers?"
Two sentences that only make sense together on DWTS.

5. Mark: "I can't do any more."
Chelsea: "Tired?"
Mark: "No, I'm just lifting a dead weight. You're dancing, but you're not working. I'm full out right now. I'm busting my ass, you know what I mean?"
If you mean you’re sounding like a bratty diva, yeah. Give her a break, man!

4. Bruno [to Ralph]: "Something was happening when you were stroking your lamppost."
Hello! This is a creepy thing to say to anyone, but what is Bruno’s sexual obsession with sweet, innocent Ralph Macchio?

3. Brooke Burke: "If you haven't yet voted this season, then you're lame. What are you waiting for?"
Whoa! Look sharp, Tom, your co-host is (finally) showing some sass of her own!

2. Bruno [on Hines & Kym's Argentine Tango]: "It was like good sex, you never want it to end!"
Unlike your suggestive comments, which should probably end before you get in trouble.

1. Bruno [to Ralph & Karina Smirnoff]: "You were too rough with your p--y. No, a pussycat! A pussycat! Well, what is she?"
She’s embarrassed now, thanks to you!

Credit: Hulu Photo: Watch! Bruno's Inappropriate Comments to Karina Smirnoff & Ralph Macchio