Credit: DWTS Facebook Photo: DWTS Season 13 Poster

Of course we’re jealous. Tristan MacManus is our official fake boyfriend on Dancing With the Stars and if we’re going to get (shamrock) green with envy over his touchy-feely relationship with Season 13 partner Nancy Grace we might have to start a brawl over his closeness to fellow pro Kym Johnson.

It’s a good thing Kym is adorable and impossible not to love, because not only is she featured with Tristan on the new hot DWTS poster for Season 13, she is one of the few people Tristan is following on his non-active Twitter account — and she got to kiss him on the cheek when they were at some kind of sports game together over the summer.

Check it out:

Credit: Twitter Photo: Kym Johsnon Kisses Tristan MacManus

August 21: @kym_johnson: “The Irishman scored!!! … its Irish Tristan from DWTS. We were celebrating Galaxy's new Irishman scoring a goal!”

September 29: @kym_johnson: “This is the gorgeous Tristan and myself on the new poster!!”

We’re totally willing to start caring about sports if that’s what Tristan wants, but should we read into this? Tristan already told us he’s “frustratingly single” and who can resist a cutie like Kym?

We're not ones to start rumors (ahem, Rob Kardashian) but do you think these two pros would make a good couple