It has to be traumatizing. On June 15, Dancing With the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer returned to her DWTS tour dressing room at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas and discovered there was a strange man inside.

“I saw that my door was opened, and I heard the shower running,” Lacey told In Touch Weekly. “I saw a naked man walk toward me, and I ran away as fast I could, screaming for help.”

Not only that, Lacey was told by security that the strange man had jimmied a window, climbed up three floors and over a balcony to get to her room — and he had been doing that for three weeks. "They think he had been sleeping in there, taking showers,” she explains. Understandably, Lacey "just can't go back yet" and she's changing in a more private backstage area.

This could be a lawsuit waiting to happen, especially since it's not the first security problem. Lacey said another dancer had money and jewelry stolen — that might be Tia Carrere, since there have been reports about that — and one room was broken into. After that happened, Lacey said, security cameras were installed so they thought they were all safe. Nope!

Scary stuff. We’re glad Lacey is all right now, but she’ll probably be wary every time she opens a new door.

Source: In Touch

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