Credit: David Tonnessen/PacificCoastNews Photo: Lindsay Lohan for DWTS

Lindsay Lohan might be out of the running to appear on Dancing with the Stars, but at least one group wants her to reconsider: Her friends!


"It sounded ridiculous at first, but the more I think about it the more I think she should do it," says close friend to E! "In the end it could not only be career-saving, but life-saving."


Still, her friends aren't too excited about the possibility that Lohan changes her mind. "Lindsay is still stubborn, so unless her management thinks this is a good idea it probably won't happen," adds Lohan's pal. "But passing on Inferno certainly was a great move." Well, she got fired from Inferno, the story of porn star Linda Lovelace, but still: Good move.

Source: E!