When you’re only competing against yourself, the bar can be wherever you put it.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy previously told Access Hollywood that all the other Dancing With the Stars All-Stars couples are so good they'll blend together, but he and Kirstie Alley will stand out because they are "different." Kirstie said that's what parents tell children when they are criminals or untalented — it's not because they're not "bad," they're just "different."

Granted, Maks got a bit irritated when looking at the judges’ leaderboard on Week 2 — where he and Kirstie are listed second from the bottom, just above Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas. But Maks told On the Red Carpet he disagrees with the judges a majority of the time, which even he admits has been “well documented.”

Maks told OTRC about his epiphany — that he and Kirstie aren’t really competing against anyone else. They stand alone, just doing their own thing, which is to try and improve on what they did back on Season 12. They both agree that their Week 7 Jive from Season 12 “sucked.”

“My Jive this season was so much better than my Jive last season,” Kirstie said. Maks added, “Last time, Jive? Jive sucked. You’re supposed to say ‘It was great.’ No it sucked!” Kirstie agreed. “Yeah! No, I know it sucked.”

This time they both thought it was better. So it doesn’t matter to them that they got a score of 21 out of 30. As long as they improved, that’s what matters. Now they are looking forward to dances like the Rumba, because that’s when they had their Season 12 fall, and the Waltz, because that’s when she lost her shoe in ShoeGate. So, if they make it long enough in this competition, they have a lot of fixing to do!

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Source: On the Red Carpet

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