The new objective of Dancing With the Stars Season 14 isn’t to get the top scores from the judges, it’s to get the top screams from the audience. And for that, one must out-sexy William Levy. Loverboy Levy has already earned some muscle envy from Roshon Fegan and now Maria Menounos and Derek Hough are planning to steal some of his thunder down under.

Even though it’s kind of jumping the gun to talk about Week 3 before the Week 2 elimination, Derek and Maria talked to On the Red Carpet about their next routine.

Derek: "Next week's Rumba, the dance of love. So I'm going to bust out 'the love hand.'"

Maria: "This one's gonna get interesting."

Derek: "Basically to compete with this William guy, you know, the screams..."

Maria: "We're going to have to take off all our clothes. It might be inappropriate behavior."

Derek: "So, kids go to bed."

Maria: "Is it against the rules to grab your crotch?"

Derek: "It's totally inappropriate."

Ah! To quote Star Wars' evil Emperor Palpatine, "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen." Because of the high level of talent and extreme level of sexiness, the couples are going to up their games to compete for our votes. Fun!

Credit: On the Red Carpet Photo: Derek Hough & Maria Menounos to "Bust Out the Love Hand" in Week 3 (VIDEO)

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SourceOn the Red Carpet

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