Credit: Photo Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images Photo: Rainn Wilson on the Red Carpet

The Office star Rainn Wilson has taken to Twitter this morning to unveil his unique ideas for a 2012 season of Dancing With The Stars. It would take a bit of magic to bring these big names together, but hey, anything is possible in Hollywood!

@RainnWilson: “DWTS 2012 wishlist: Mickey Rourke, Qaddafi, Snooki, Jet Li, a robot, Sting, Knut's corpse, An Olsen twin, Anderson Cooper, Satan, Howard Stern, a turd, Macchio, Berlisconi, Marilyn & Charlie Manson, an albino, Korn, the cast of Ave Q (w/ puppets), @JoyBehar, Osama Bin Laden, another turd of some kind, Frosty the Snowman, Suri Cruise, a gay veterinarian, Tori Spelling's vagina, discharge of some kind, Bob's Big Boy, a severed finger, Cher, Fred Durst impersonator, Hello Kitty, Half of Santa, a pebble, Cher, a box of napalm, Vin Diesel, White Snake, Michelle Bachman, the University of Kansas, Loki the Trickster God, Chief Seattle's rattle, a rare fungus, Cher.”

He really wants Cher on DWTS, huh?

OK, so the suggestions are a tad unrealistic, but we think they’d make for a great South Park episode! What say you, Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Eh, they’re probably too busy with their new musical, The Book of Mormon.

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