Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Ralph Macchio at the Premiere of Take Me Home Tonight

It looks like if you want to be on Team Kamacchio, you have to get naked.

We heard about Karina Smirnoff posing for Playboy and now her Dancing With the Stars Season 12 celeb partner, Ralph Macchio, explains to Access Hollywood why he shot footage of his own bare backside, shown blurred-out during the behind-the-scenes videos on the DWTS Week 3 Results Show.

“I always was told if you do this show, you have to show, you know, a different side to yourself, Ralph said. “So I figured I’d show not necessarily my best side but a side that no one has seen before. It was just fun and loose and so un-me to do. [That] is why I did it.”

Ralph said his beloved wife Phyllis was all in favor of his cheeky plans to film himself in the bathroom. “I told her I did it after I shot it and I was watching it back on the Flip video saying, ‘Should I submit this?’ And she goes, ‘I love that.’”

At least it was only his backside … this time!

Source: Access Hollywood


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