Credit: Splash News Photo: Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku Get Kissy

Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Rick Fox has been dating star Eliza Dushku for quite a while, but just how serious has their relationship gotten? The most serious.

“I hear [wedding bells] now. We've been honest about that conversation, and we've had it," he explained to Us Weekly.

"I've failed in marriage before, and this will be her first marriage,” said the budding actor. “So we want to make sure the foundation is laid in a responsible way where communication is had about what she wants from life as a woman — whether she wants to have kids or go back to school — whatever she wants to do."

Fox said he’s already viewing Eliza as part of his family, an idea that really gained credence over the holidays.

"Watching her and my kids bond over the holidays was really a gift to me — I couldn't have wished for anything better," he said.

"I told her, 'We're not married, yet, but you're like a stepmother to my kids."

Source: Digital Spy