Credit: Clive Rose/Getty Images Photo: Ryan Lochte at the 2012 Olympics on August 2, 2012

Call them, Lochte!

Or, better yet, Dancing With the Stars should call him. Now. Lock Ryan Lochte down for DWTS Season 16 before he has a chance to change his mind.

According to Phil Taylor’s Sports Illustrated column, Olympic sex god swimmer Ryan Lochte, 28, was at the Proctor & Gamble Family Home on Sunday and was asked about doing DWTS. To quote the SI column, “Yes, he'd like to be on it. Very much. No, any partner would be fine, because all the female dancers are beautiful. Against whom would he like to compete? Michael Phelps, of course.”

Hear that, lady pros?

The rest of the column goes on about Lochte’s other post-Olympics plans, but at the end it goes back to DWTS: “Lochte is ready to play. Dancing with the Stars, he's ready to take your call. Would his old rival, Phelps, take the bait and join him? ‘I don't know about that,’ Lochte said. ‘Wouldn't bet on it.’"

Phelps vs. Lochte on the dance floor would be quite the sight, but one sexy swimmer at a time is totally fine with us.

How do you feel about Lochte on DWTS? Heck jeah or no way?

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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