Credit: STILL

Bachelor star Sean Lowe has been in the spotlight long enough to know not to read the tabloids, but when rumors swirled that he was being a diva on Dancing With the Stars, he couldn’t avoid the stories.

Surprisingly, his reaction to the original TMZ story was caught on camera — and it’s not what you’d expect from the calm, cool, and collected star.

After reading it on his phone, he exclaims, “I’m not a diva!” before his DWTS partner, Peta Murgatroyd, comes to bring him a drink. That’s when things get weird... and very diva-like!

In the video below, he proceeds to slap various bottles out of Peta’s hands when he doesn’t like the options. First, a bottle of Gatorade (“No, water!” he yells), and then various forms of water. He smacks them on the ground one after the other, exclaiming, “In a bottle! No label! In a cup! Colder!” before splashing it directly on her face. Whoa!

Check out the hilarious clip (which we are 99.99 percent sure is staged) below , and then tell us what you think in the comments!