Credit: Veronica Summers / Splash News Photo: Sean Lowe in Hollywood on April 4, 2013

Dancing With the Stars' Sean Lowe seems to have a love / hate relationship with TV. He loves being on it and seemingly can't stop making appearances, but he hates all the reporting it generates.


Specifically, Sean is gets a little rankled when compared to two specific reality TV stars: Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo Child.


Recently he tweeted, “I’m wedged between Kim Kardashian and Honey Booboo on Hollywood Reporters Reality Heat List… I now hate myself.”


The list he referenced has him seated at number 7 with Kim at 6 and HBBC at 8.


Sean originally appeared as a contestant on The Bachelorette which he then parlayed into becoming The Bachelor, which he parlayed even further into being cast on Dancing With The Stars. Time will only tell if he can take another step further into the belly of the beast that is reality TV or if he's content to hang up his tank tops and dancing shoes to try to make a life with fiancee Catherine Giudici.


Source: Hollywood Life