Jennifer Grey is a badass. Bristol Palin is a thrilla. And Kyle Massey is the Fresh Prince of Dancing with the Stars. Here are some other things we heard on Night One of the DWTS Season 11 Finale:

10. Bruno [to Bristol after Redemption Dance training]: Either she got the message or I scared her to death.
We all got the message: You want to be in the finals yourself.

9. Len [to Kyle]: You've gone from Messy Massey to Marvelous!
How come he never calls the other dancers Grumbling Grey or Pain in the Palin?

8. Carrie Ann: This old Fly Girl is proud of you. The Fresh Prince of Dancing with the Stars!
But will he be The Mirror Ball King? It's not looking good at this point...

7. Len [to Kyle, during Redemption Dance rehearsals]: Let me just hold you.
Lacey: I think we've got a bromance happening now!

Imagine if Bruno had been the one to stop by.

6. Len [to Bristol]: You were last time a gorilla and now a thrilla.
Len doesn't even watch the dances, he just sits there coming up with rhymes.

5. Tom [to Bruno, after he fawns over Jennifer's Redemption Paso Doble]: I know you mean it as a compliment, but you end up frightening the children.
Bruno is also hiding in your closet at night, kids!

4. Len [to Kyle after his hip-hop Freestyle]: I'm not a great lover of the boogaloo dancing.
Well, it probably doesn't love you either.

3. Carrie Ann: Did I just see Bristol Palin dancing in a cage?
Tom: That's exactly what her mother said.

Levi Johnston is probably saying the same thing — as he kicks himself.

2. Bristol: There's lots of haters out there just waiting for me to fail.
Yep, but you seem to have no problem hating right back.

1. Jennifer: I'm a badass, what can I say?
You can also say you're the frontrunner to win. Is Derek going to be the first three-peater?


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