Credit: Photo Courtesy of ABC Photo: Len Goodman's a True Star

Len and Bruno may be the one-liner kings, but the "Stars" are the stars of the show. So let's revisit our 10 favorite celeb & pro quotes from the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.

10. Florence: At my age you can still be hot and sexy and you can shake it.
Flo, you'll always be the hottest Brady. That's right, Marcia. Accept.

9. Michael: Chelsie’s an amazing dancer, but I have shoes older than her.
That's some quality footwear to last 21 years.

8. The Situation: My dancing background consists of many, many nights in the club ... with your girlfriend.
Doubt it. No one's girlfriend wants to dance bad '80s moves.

7. Florence: It’s my dominatrix pose.
Cloris Leachman is kicking herself for not thinking of this pose first.

6. Louis [to Margaret]: You’re doing it like you’re sitting in the bathroom doing #2.
Considering how the judges scored the dance, that might've been appropriate.

5. Lacey: Were you just staring at my boobs?
Kyle: It’s my center point!
Yeah, right! That's what all the boys say.

4. Brandy: My first time meting Maks, I’m like 'Oh my God!' I’m like 'You’re so hot! Yes!' I was just in awe of his eyes and all that.
Get in line! We were in awe of all that first.

3. Bristol [on dancing to "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)"]: It’s like Levi and my’s relationship — Mama told me not to do it but I did it anyways.
Is that why Mama didn't show up to watch you dance?

2. Jennifer: Patrick [Swayze] was one of the most fearless people I’d ever met. So I’m going to try really hard to go out there and be the kind of person that he was.
Mission accomplished!

1. Florence: Stay interested. Stay interesting. Don’t be boring. Okay, Len?
Yep, this is what you call a Mama Brady smackdown. It's on!


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