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Gavin DeGraw can sing about being “In Love With A Girl,” but don’t ask him to show it on the dance floor. Gavin told Entertainment Tonight that “making sexy face" and "making sexy posture" are so far removed from how he usually operates that he’s especially nervous and embarrassed for tonight’s Rumba on Dancing With the Stars Season 14’s Story Week. His partner, Karina Smirnoff, has more faith in his abilities.

"I think Gavin has natural swagger, and that quality in the Rumba is going to come across on the dance floor really well," Karina told MTV. "He's definitely a guy's guy, being masculine and yet still very sexy. It's a difficult combination, his hip action. He's very embarrassed about it, but it's a good quality — trust me," she said. "Women will definitely ... "

"Appreciate it?" DeGraw offered.

"Yes," she said.

Women may also appreciate Gavin’s more toned body. He told ET he didn’t think he’d lost any weight but Karina, who touches him in every dance, said there’s less to touch and his love handles are pretty much gone. Now he just needs to lose his intimacy issues in time for tonight’s “dance of love.”

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Sources: ETOnline, MTV

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