Put on your speculation hats, Dancing with the Stars fans. It’s time to sleuth out the ultimate Spring 2011 question: When will we learn the true cast of DWTS Season 12, as opposed to the rumored cast — which now includes just about everyone in Hollywood?

Last year’s Spring Season 10 cast was announced during The Bachelor finale on March 1. ABC aired a bunch of Bachelor specials between Jake Pavelka’s finale and the start of DWTS Season 10 on March 22.

The previous Spring season, DWTS Season 8, was announced much earlier, on February 8. But the season itself also started pretty early, on March 9.

This current season of The Bachelor isn’t ending until Monday, March 14 and it’s pretty much accepted that DWTS Season 12 will start the next Monday, March 21.

Which puts the upcoming DWTS Season 12 schedule closer to DWTS Season 10 than Season 8. In keeping that with, the DWTS Season 12 cast will most likely be released before the first Monday in March — March 7 — and possibly even in mid-to-late February. Let’s split the difference and guess the names will come out on Monday, February 28, 2011. (Update: It's been confirmed that the names will be announced on February 28, during the Bachelor.)

ABC may jump the gun and release names early if they’re afraid of too many leaks getting out. Remember how we knew just about everyone involved in the Fall DWTS Season 11 way before the names were released? They may want to get out the news earlier in February, if they want to preserve the element of surprise. Then again, they may like the spoilers because they build speculation.