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Maybe they should rename it Harry Potter and the Dancing With the Stars Cameos.

We already talked about Julianne Hough’s little role as a Gryffindor student in the first Potter film. Well, it turns out she had company. Fellow Dancing With the Stars pro and childhood friend Mark Ballas told MTV News that he and Julianne’s brother Derek Hough were also in the film, which was released in 2001.

"Me and my foster brother and my whole high school — I went to a performing arts music school, so that's where I studied music and I studied theater,” Mark told MTV. “All the top schools for that in London, all the students were extras. … I ended up being a Hufflepuff. I wanted to be Gryffindor or Slytherin, but..."

Hey now! Hufflepuffs are loyal and hard-working. There’s nothing wrong with that (and it seems very appropriate for Mark).

So where can we see him in the film? "The scene at the sorting hat,” Mark says, adding that we have to be really quick to spot him. “I had, like, grungy red hair and braces, and I'm in the Hufflepuff outfit.”

His “foster brother” Derek, on the other hand, fans can see “clear as day,” Mark says. He’s in the scene where Ron and Harry are playing wizard’s chess and Hermione comes in through the double doors. If viewers look over her right shoulder, Mark explains, “you can clearly see [Derek] walking by with an owl, like hamming it up too. He’s walking by hamming it up in a Ravenclaw outfit.”

Derek Hough a ham? No way!

Source: MTV News

Credit: Video via Photo: Watch! Mark Ballas Dishes on Harry Potter to MTV