Credit: Jerod Harris/ Getty Images Photo: Jason Alexander

Let’s get one thing straight: It's not because of shrinkage. Jason Alexander, who will be forever famous for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld, says he has turned down several offers to shake his groove thing on Dancing With the Stars. Why?

“I have a pretty private life,” Jason told Access Atlanta's Radio & TV Talk. “When you do any reality show, it becomes more invasive than I’m willing to go. I have a cousin who was on Survivor twice, Jonathan Penner. It was very clear reality TV creates stories and characters the way they want. I have too delicate an ego for that.”

However, he seems intrigued by the showmanship aspect of DWTS. “I was a song-and-dance man,” he said. “That part is wonderful. It’s the rest of the stuff surrounding it that I’m not really terribly interested in.”

But it sounds like we could get Jason to change his mind — if we offered him the right spinoff. He just played a guest role on the July 6 episode of TNT's Franklin & Bash, entering his first scene on roller skates. He said that goes back to his Broadway days, back when he was in his early 20s. “If they ever do Roller Skating With the Stars, I’m the go-to guy.”

Do it, ABC! It can't be any worse than Skating With the Stars...

Source: Access Atlanta