Dancing With The Stars

Season 9 Episode 913

Title: Season 9, Week 7: Performance
Air Date: November 2, 2009 at 12:00 AM PST

Week 7 of the competition brings two more dances. The couples perform a dance they have not yet to covered in the past six weeks. For the second round, they either dance the Paso Doble or the Tango in teams.

Facing a setback is Mark Dacascos, whose partner Lacey Schwimmer has the flu. Anna Trebunskaya steps in at the last minute as a replacement, but the pair only had two days to learn two dance routines. The pressure and challenges are a tough combination, and Mark & Anna's Samba earns only 19 total points from the judges.

This show also features two team dances, with pairs teaming up to earn a shared score that will be added to their individual scores. Aaron & Karina, Mya & Dmitry, Mark & Anna T, and Michael & Anna D dance the the Paso Doble, earning a solid 24 from the judges. On the other hand, Joanna & Derek, Donny & Kym, and Kelly & Louis perform a tight, professional, and rock-solid Tango. Carrie Ann and Len each give enthusiastic scores of 9, and Bruno hands them a 10!

After a night of impressive performances, energy, and teamwork, it's going to be tough sending two more pairs home tomorrow in the second double elimination.

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