Dancing With The Stars

Season 9 Episode 917

Title: Season 9, Week 9: Performance
Air Date: November 16, 2009 at 12:00 AM PST

Tonight is chock-full of dancing. Each team performs both a Ballroom and Latin dance. In the Latin dance, each celebrity is required to let go of his or her partner and do a solo. Plus, each pair performs their "knockout" dance - the dance they picked and rehearsed in case they got into a dance-off in a double elimination. For the last few weeks, they've been able to avoid that challenge, but now they have to present it here - under full scrutiny, for real scores.


Donny and Kelly both have mediocre starts to the week. Donny faces disaster after distaster. In addition to what seemed like a nervous and distant performance, Donny stumbles on Kym's long dress, losing his footing numerous times. Meanwhile Kelly deals with the loss of a pet and can't quite channel the "sense of eroticism" that Bruno was looking for in her Rumba. Can ya blame her?


The rest of the night, however, is one impressive dance after the next. Mya continues to bring her "A" game to the competish, and scores a 29 on her knockout dance and another perfect score of 30 for her Salsa!

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