Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Alvarez To Appear On Couples Therapy
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Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Alvarez To Appear On Couples Therapy

Remember Farrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez? How could you forget! Daniel and Farrah enjoyed a whirlwind romance during MTV's fourth and final season of Teen Mom, but their 'ship sank faster than the Titanic when Farrah made the mistake of visiting Daniel in his hometown of Austin. Not only did Farrah pressure Daniel to buy a ring, she took him on a paddleboat ride from hell in which she tried to make him commit to marriage. Not so surprisingly, Farrah ended up flying back home on her lonesome.

Since their super-awkward breakup, Daniel and Farrah haven't been on the best of terms (Daniel called Farrah an "unappreciative and self-centered individual" and she called him a mental case who doesn't know his "a— from a hole in the ground") so you can imagine our excitement when we spied Daniel on a recent preview of VH1’s Couples Therapy!

Looks like Daniel will be paying a visit to Farrah as part of her therapeutic quest to understand why she can't sustain a healthy relationship, and we can't wait to see what they have to say to each other. Couples Therapy's resident shrink, Dr. Jenn Berman, recently said that that "sometimes an ex-boyfriend or a parent or someone from a person’s past can give me insight," so it definitely makes sense that Daniel and his fluttering eyelashes are making an appearance on the show. The real question: Will Farrah learn anything about herself once she and Daniel rehash their relationship?

Call us crazy but we kind of hope these two get back together and take a paddleboat ride to the altar. Then again, when Wetpaint Entertainment editor Lindsay Dreyer asked Daniel if he'd consider dating Farrah now that she's older and wiser, he responded: "Older and wiser? Is this a serious question? No, dating Farrah again has and will never cross my mind."

Well, that settles that.

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