Why Did Farrah Abraham and Daniel Alvarez Break Up?
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Why Did Farrah Abraham and Daniel Alvarez Break Up?

Farrah Abraham came face-to-face with ex-boyfriend Daniel Alvarez on last night's episode of Couples Therapy, and much to our surprise, their session with Dr. Jenn Berman went pretty smoothly. As you may recall, these former lovebirds dated during Farrah's final season of Teen Mom, but their relationship was short-lived. After a romantic awkward trip to Texas, the pair went their separate ways for good — but what made Danny Boy run for the hills?

According to Daniel himself, he ditched Farrah in The Lone Star State because of how she treated other people — not because she wanted to get married (though that certainly didn't help… ).

When Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle during Daniel's surprise hang-sesh on Couples Therapy, only 41 percent of Viggle LIVE! users guessed correctly. Meanwhile 46 percent thought Farrah's obsession with marriage was to blame, while 12 percent thought he wasn't attracted to her anymore.

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caught up with Daniel back in 2012 after their breakup aired on MTV, and he gave us some exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop about why things really ended.

"The marriage thing was definitely a deterrent but it wasn't the end-all," he said, explaining that the cameras didn't capture everything. "It began with Farrah completely degrading not only a helpless and innocent fast-food drive-thru attendant, but also two of my closest friends. She demanded that my friends pour her drinks and even had the audacity to call one of them 'fake.' At that point I chose to cut ties with her."

Yeesh. Sounds like everything really is bigger in Texas — even breakups!

Do you think Farrah will take Daniel's advice to heart and change the way she treats others? Tell us below and play along next down by downloading Viggle!

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