This Is What Daniel Gillies Keeps in His Dressing Room (PHOTO)
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The Originals

This Is What Daniel Gillies Keeps in His Dressing Room (PHOTO)

The casts of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries seem to have a lot of fun decorating their (and each other’s) dressing rooms. The latest dressing room decor sneak peak comes to us via Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson), and shows us just what co-star Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) has proudly displayed in his dressing room. Check it out!

This Is What Daniel Gillies Keeps in His Dressing Room (PHOTO)
Credit: Joseph Morgan on Twitter    

“Just a little reminder @danieljgillies keeps in his dressing room,” Joseph tweeted yesterday, along with a hilarious photo of a cardboard cutout of JoMo holding a giant photo of Daniel above his head, with the words: “Carrying Daniel Gillies Since 2011.” Ha! Did Daniel actually put that there, or did Joseph somehow sneak it in? Either way, it makes us laugh.

Believe it or not, this is just the latest in a long line of cardboard cutout dress room shenanigans. Last year, Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) shared this photo from Daniel’s dressing room, which featured a cardboard cutout of Paul: Exclusive sneak peek into @danieljgillies dressing room,” Paul tweeted along with the snapshot. How many cardboard cutouts does Daniel Gillies have in his dressing room?

But the plot thickens! Because what does Paul have in his dressing room but a giant portrait of co-star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert). Nina kindly gifted the painting to Paul one the first day of his directorial debut for Season 5, Episode 18. Sweet, right? We will go ahead and assume that every single cast member of the TVD and The Originals have visual representations of their co-stars in their respective dressing rooms.

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