Danielle Bradbery Talks Her Voice 2013 Journey: “I Am Most Proud of How Confident I Became”
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Danielle Bradbery Talks Her Voice 2013 Journey: “I Am Most Proud of How Confident I Became”

The Texas teen with the big voice, Danielle Bradbery, was brand new to performing when she took The Voice stage during her blind audition. Three months later the country crooner is the front runner in the Final 3 on NBC’s hit singing competition.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the formerly shy high schooler on the red carpet after her live performances where she dished on all she’s learned this season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What are you most proud of tonight?

Danielle Bradbery: I am most proud of how confident I became. I feel like I'm becoming more of an artist and going out there and performing like a real artist should be. I just keep trying and Blake's right by my side to help me.

Did you agree with what Blake said was your defining moment tonight?

I agree with that choice. That was the song that went up so high on iTunes and everyone was freaking out. That was such a fun performance. It's so powerful. Yeah I really love that song! It really skyrocketed on iTunes.

And how did your meeting with your parents and Blake go? It looks like they embarrassed you a little bit…

Parents are always saying stuff that I laugh about. But it was really fun and I feel like we all became closer and Blake got to meet my family more and get to know them more. We're all part of the family and I feel like Blake stepped in our family and it's really cool.

Have you watched a lot of clips from your older episodes to see how far you actually have grown?

Oh yeah, I've watched my blind auditions and knockouts, battles — those types of performances that were way in the beginning and just the clips that they showed before the performance is crazy how much my voice has changed and how little I was. I mean I’m still little but I feel like I grew up a lot in my confidence — so much. I grew as an artist really well.

It seems like you were having more fun tonight than ever before. Do you feel like at this point, the stress has eased up and you are cruising to the end?

Yeah. I feel like I can go out there and just have fun. Blake even told me that it’s to this point where you can go out there and have fun. Dedicate your songs to yourself and just go and be yourself and have fun. I listened to him and before I went on stage I just took a deep breath and went and had fun with the crowd.

And thought, “This is for Danielle"?

Yes. This is for me!

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06.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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