Originals Star Danielle Campbell Talks Davina’s Sacrifice and the Rise of Celeste
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The Originals

Originals Star Danielle Campbell Talks Davina’s Sacrifice and the Rise of Celeste

The Originals delivered a heartbreaker of an episode last night as Davina (Danielle Campbell) sacrificed herself for the people she loves, only to stay dead in the wake of the Harvest Festival’s seeming completion. What does Danielle, the incredible young actress behind the teenage witch, have to say about the unpredictably sad developments of Season 1, Episode 11 (“Après Moi, Le Déluge”)?

"This was a really strong point for Davina. The whole series you've seen her running away from her problems and the witches and her powers," Danielle told TVGuide.com. "[In the episode,] she's so sick, but you also see her be strong for once. She's [sacrificing herself] because she knows she's going to hurt the people she loves — even though they've hurt her — if she doesn't go through with it. So you see a completely different side of Davina and you see her really take a stand and be strong."

Word. Davina’s character has become increasingly more interesting in recent episodes as her power grew and, along with it, her struggles. Her decision to face this thing she has been fearing ever since we’ve known her was one of the most heroic acts we’ve seen on a show filled with selfish ones. We really hope Davina doesn’t stay dead. If not for own our sakes, than for Marcel’s, who totally lost it when he realized Davina wasn’t coming back.

"It was really emotional," Danielle said of playing the dynamic between Davina and Marcel. "During the scene where Marcel is cradling Davina, you really see how their friendship and bond has grown. He's really become the only father figure she's ever had and he has protected her, and she's protective of him too. So you see how much they really love each other."

So, what’s up next for the witches of the French Quarter? Well, Danielle wouldn’t spill on whether her character would get a supernatural resurrection, she did tease the rise of Celeste, aka the witch who stole all of the power from the Esther’s consecration for herself. "The witches are continuing to try and fulfill the harvest and everyone else has also been away trying to help it move along," Danielle said. "Everyone wants these girls back alive, but in another way, Celeste brings her own twist to everything. That is what will headline the next episodes."

Sounds like there still might be a chance to actually complete the Harvest? Frankly, we’ll grasp at any straws we can, if it means there’s a chance Davina will come back and Marcel will stop smashing chairs. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing how Celeste mixes things up in the French Quarter. She and her friends seem to have some serious style.

Were you as broken up about Davina’s death as we were? Do you think she’ll come back to life? And what is Celeste’s plan? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, January 27 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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