Originals Star Danielle Campbell Gets Kissed By Co-Star — Who Is It? (PHOTO)
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The Originals

Originals Star Danielle Campbell Gets Kissed By Co-Star — Who Is It? (PHOTO)

The Originals star Danielle Campbell (Davina) is surrounding by some of the sexiest actors on television: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Charles Michael Davis — just to highlight a few of the gorgeous fellas on the cast. So, which one of her co-stars gave the adorable teenage witch a smooch?

“Yes. I am being kissed by a wolf. #ilovemyjob,” Danielle captioned the WhoSay snapshot she posted of herself getting a big, wet kiss from a wolf apparently on The Originals set. So, not one of the dudes on her show, but no less adorable! Aside from the sweetness of this shot, we’re intrigued by the narrative implications of it. Because it certainly looks like Davina is pulling a Stark and hanging with a giant white wolf.

So, why might Davina be hanging with a wolf — presumably a werewolf? The possibilities are endless! She could be there against her will, kidnapped by the werewolves in an attempt to get something out of Marcel and/or someone else who cares about Davina. We kind of wouldn’t blame the werewolves, given that they have been more or less hunted by the vampire population of New Orleans for years. And, hey, this could totally be one of Hayley’s long lost relatives.

On the other hand, Davina could be there on her own accord. The teenage witch is not one to sit around and let others scheme for her — at least, not any more. If she finds out that Klaus has werewolf family in the bayou, might she find them to seek vengeance on the seemingly invulnerable hybrid? That would be dirty, and kind of awesome.

Whatever her reasons for hanging with wolves, we’re just glad to see Davina around at all. We’re super worried about her. In the extended promo for tonight’s episode, we see her terribly sick as her magical abilities become too much for her body to handle. We think she may sacrifice herself for the Harvest. But Danielle’s continued presence on The Originals set implies, even if she does have her throat slit to complete the ritual, she’ll be up and spelling again in no time!

Why do you think Davina is hanging with werewolves? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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