Did Danielle Cunningham Reach Her Weight Loss Goal? (PHOTO)
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Did Danielle Cunningham Reach Her Weight Loss Goal? (PHOTO)

Remember back in May when you were OMG-ing yourself silly due to pictures of Danielle Cunningham's weight loss? This 16 and Pregnant star had lost a whopping 90 pounds of baby weight at the time those photos was taken, and guess what? She's dropped even more poundage! Sigh, there's just no stopping this gal.

Did Danielle Cunningham Reach Her Weight Loss Goal? (PHOTO)
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So, how much weight has Danielle lost as of June 7, 2013? That would be 100 pounds. We repeat, 100 pounds –– aka the size of an entire person. We know, we're just as mind-blown as you are.

Danielle took to Instagram to show off her newest weight loss achievement, posting a picture of her svelte frame along with an inspirational caption. "My body is nowhere near perfect and I still have A LOT of work to do.. but I’ve lost 100 pounds which in my eyes is the greatest achievement," she shared with fans. "Its been a loooong stressful road but I’ve finally gotten to a spot where i feel accomplished & proud."

Danielle's body transformation is truly inspiring, and she's ready to say "I told you so" to her haters. "Peoples first comeback was always 'you're fat'. Well suck my a—s because I’ve officially made the comeback non usable," she continued. "if I can do it, anyone can. Its all in your will power and you have to realllly want it. make that first step to a better you."

Way to go, Danielle! And for those of you wondering, girlfriend lost her weight thanks to healthy eating, exercise, and Visalus, a nutrient-rich weight loss drink that apparently works wonders (Danielle lost 50 pounds with it after her first pregnancy).

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