Danielle Cunningham Apologizes For Being an “Immature Bitch” to Jenelle Evans
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Danielle Cunningham Apologizes For Being an “Immature Bitch” to Jenelle Evans

Danielle Cunningham is officially making amends, y'all! This 16 and Pregnant starlet has been feuding with Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans since the dawn of time, but it looks like she's finally ready to bury the hatchet.

However, before we get to Danielle's public apology, please join us as we take a look back at the most hard-core insults she's hurled at Jenelle. There was the time Danielle said Jenelle was a "selfish incompetent stupid bitch" for getting pregnant, then a “pathetic bitch" for getting arrested.

Danielle then followed up by calling Jenelle a "C U Next Tuesday," and of course, the time she slammed Jenelle by saying she was a "drug addict in denial." #Memories.

Jenelle's defended herself against Danielle's harsh claims (and also hurled a few insults toward her arch enemy), but these ladies might be moving on. Danielle took to Twitter to apologize to Jenelle saying, "I know I was such an immature bitch towards you. But above allIi actually see a change and I’m happy for you. Keep it up."

Jenelle's response? Radio silence. This girl definitely reads all tweets, which means she's chosen to ignore Danielle's heartfelt apology. Guess she isn't ready to forgive and forget!

Do you think Jenelle should reach out to Danielle, or passive aggressively ignore her pleas for attention. Let us know below!