Danielle Cunningham Defends Controversial Photo of Herself Smoking
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16 and Pregnant

Danielle Cunningham Defends Controversial Photo of Herself Smoking

16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham can always be counted on to bring the drama, and her latest OMG-inducing antics? Home girl posted an Instagram photo of herself smoking what looked to be a giant blunt, and then took to the comments to inform fans that her kiddos were asleep while she was lighting up.

Danielle Cunningham Defends Controversial Photo of Herself Smoking
Credit: Danielle Cunningham on Instagram    

Naturally, the internet exploded with criticism toward the mother-of-two, and after posting the most amazing musing of all time — in which she called her haters "uglies" — she went on to defend herself. "Lol im nowhere near a 'drug addict bad mom,' Danielle said. "I work my ass for my babies every single day. I work so hard for what i have."

Ain't that the truth! Danielle works a full time job in order to support her kids, and when she isn't bringing home the bacon, she can be found cuddling up a storm with her cuties. And while Danielle has done hard drugs like heroin in the past, she's never going to go down that path again.

"Im a waay different person now then 2 years ago," Danielle explained. "I live life different. I look at life different. I actually care about life now."

Danielle also said that though her initial Instagram post was misleading, she was not in fact home with her children at the time the controversial selfie was taken. "Lets get this straight.. I WAS NOT HOME WITH MY KIDS WHEN THAT PICTURE WAS TAKEN. Thats the stupidest s—t ever," Danielle tweeted.

Good to know, but even if Danielle wasn't at home while smoking, do you think she's making a bad decision? Marijuana is still illegal in most of the USA, so if Danielle was in fact smoking it, she is risking arrest! Do you think she should give up the habit for good?

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