Danielle Cunningham Finds Boa Constrictor In Her House Days After Giving Birth!
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Danielle Cunningham Finds Boa Constrictor In Her House Days After Giving Birth!

16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham gave birth to her adorable baby daughter, Jayleigh Rae, on June 7, and this lovely lady is already safe n' sound at home! Well, relatively safe and sound. Just five days after bringing her baby gal home from the hospital, Danielle had a shocking surprise — she found a boa constrictor in her house!

We'll give you a moment to clutch your pearls in horror...

"We found the boa snake that my cousin WHO I LIVE WITH lost last month!" Danielle tweeted on June 12. "STILL alive in a pull string back bag!"

Consider us terrified. As you might expect, fans were quick to judge Danielle for owning a snake when she has kiddos, but girlfriend insists that her slithery little pet is harmless.

“thats like sayin who has a dog with a newborn in the house. EVERY animal is dangerous," Danielle tweeted, adding "a dog could snap and bite a babies face off. Keep your negative a — comments to yourself and mind your business. Thanks."

Turns out Danielle's sneaky boa constrictor is merely the size of a garden snake (and isn't poisonous), but it's slightly alarming that this thing was on the loose with Baby Jayleigh around! Thank goodness Danielle and her cousin found their fanged friend before it could do any damage.

Are you surprised that Danielle is cool with a snake being around her kiddos, or do you think it's NBD? Hit the comments!

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