Danielle Cunningham Slams Jenelle Evans’s New Baby!
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Teen Mom

Danielle Cunningham Slams Jenelle Evans’s New Baby!

Teen Mom Land is a wonderful world full of velour jumpsuits, cheese puffs, and polyester clip-ins, but there's also plenty of drama to be found.

The ladies of MTV's most popular reality show love nothing more than dragging each other all over Twitter, and no one does this better than Danielle Cunningham. This former starlet might not be on TV anymore, but she's a total A-lister on social media, and often uses the platform to slam Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle and Danielle have a history of hating each other (which is ironic considering that they have a lot in common), and now that Jenelle's a new mom for the second time, Danielle's taken it to the internets to dish a few fightin' words.

"Does Barbara have custody of Jenelles new kid yett [sic]?" Danielle tweeted on July 4, to which Jenelle responded, "Let her talk, she's irrelevant."

Yikes. While we know Danielle and Jenelle don't exactly get along, lashing out at Jenelle's new baby seems a little low — and it looks like Danielle actually felt bad for doing so!

"Im just joking," she explained. "That was mean. I take that back. Everyone makes mistakes and anyone can change."

Amen to that! Both Danielle and Jenelle have changed and grown since their days as drug addicts, and they should be supporting each other — not insulting each other!

Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful friendship. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.