The Truth About Dean’s ‘BIP’ Triangle — D.Lo Was Also Hooking Up With Ben Z.!
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Bachelor in Paradise

The Truth About Dean’s ‘BIP’ Triangle — D.Lo Was Also Hooking Up With Ben Z.!


We knew there was more to Dean Unglert’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 love triangle than we saw.

In fact, there was a lot more to it, which we learned during last night’s finale reunion special.

First, we saw Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard call him out for juggling them even after the show, and now we’re learning D.Lo actually had another BIP fling of her own!

The September 11 episode didn’t do much to fix Dean’s reputation, after he famously went from fan favorite to “f—k boy.”

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At first, we thought there might be a chance for redemption, when the 26-year-old hunk teased a reconciliation with Kristina in the press last week, saying, “hopefully there’s a time that we can figure it out and see what happens from there.”

On Ellen this week, the Russian beauty appeared to confirm this possibility, teasing with a smile, “Only if this guy learns from his mistakes.”

However, the finale messed that all up for us when we learned that, just hours after he and D.Lo left Paradise separately, he called her up in her hotel room.

“You came over, and we had a relationship that imploded after Paradise,” she said, shocking Kristina.

The dental hygienist confirmed that he’d been talking to her after Paradise, as well, rebuking him for trying to juggle them both.

But perhaps this “indecisiveness” — as Dean calls it — that carried over after the season had something to do with the fact that Danielle had her own Paradise triangle.

Castmate Christen Whitney explained on the Here to Make Friends podcast this week that she went into BIP being interested in Ben Zorn, only to realize he was preoccupied with the Cali business owner.

“You don’t see this in the episode, but Ben was really into D.Lo,” she shared. “So that was a thing, even though the Kristina and D.Lo triangle was going on.”

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She continued, “A lot of people were like, ‘No one’s with Ben!’ But they kind of cut that story out of what was actually shown.”

Christen confirms that D.Lo and Ben were “hanging out” and would “kiss”, which is why you saw Kristina complaining about Dean hooking up with Danielle “10 minutes after she was in the ocean with another guy.”

So why would the producers leave this entire relationship on the cutting room floor?

“I think they wanted to make [the triangle] a really climactic part of the season,” the Oklahoma gal mused.

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“They [probably] thought that would just make it messy.”

Hey, not any messier than it already was! Bad move, producers.