Darren Criss Hugs Glee’s Lauren Potter on Set — And It’s Adorable! (PHOTO)
Credit: Lauren Potter on Twitter    


Darren Criss Hugs Glee’s Lauren Potter on Set — And It’s Adorable! (PHOTO)

We love that Glee has no shortage of characters, since it definitely keeps things interesting but it can be tough for everyone to get ample screen time. That’s why we’re tickled pink that one Glee fan-favorite character has returned to film a Season 5 episode as we speak!

That’s right: Becky (Lauren Potter) won’t be appearing in the first three episodes of the season, but she is scheduled to appear in Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga.” And Lauren has been on set this week to film the episode.

Even better, Lauren posted an oh-so-adorable photo of herself wearing her Cheerios top while hugging her very huggable co-star Darren Criss (Blaine). Truth be told, we almost died of squealing just by looking at it. “Just got to set and already having a blast with my Glee family! @DarrenCriss,” she writes. So sweet!

So what can we expect from Becky this season? Well, as of Season 4, Sue (Jane Lynch) had taken the fall for Becky’s gun going off at McKinley, which led to the Cheerios coach getting replaced by Coach Roz (NeNe Leakes). But in Season 5, Becks will own up to having brought the gun to school, leading to a one-month suspension. Way to go, Becky!

But where does this leave Sue? We’ve seen in Season 5 promos that she appears to have commandeered the principal’s office and is knocking donuts out of people’s hands. (Wasting a perfectly good donut? That’s going too far, Sue.) Will she use her newfound power to mess with the glee club? Call it a hunch, but we’re thinking the answer is gonna be yes.

Source: Lauren Potter on Twitter

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