Darren Criss’s Top 5 Sexiest Scenes in His New Film Girl Most Likely
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Darren Criss’s Top 5 Sexiest Scenes in His New Film Girl Most Likely

We knew we would love the new movie Girl Most Likely, based solely on the fact that Darren Criss (Blaine) is in it. We’re easy to please what can we say? And the fact that he often wears guyliner and tight pants in it as the member of a Backstreet Boys cover band certainly doesn’t hurt.

But we loved the movie even more than we expected, given Darren’s amazing performance as Kristen Wiig’s love interest. Case in point: Here are his five hottest moments in the film. (Read: Darren is shirtless in this movie. A lot.) In fact, if you don’t immediately drop everything to drive to the nearest movie theater after reading this list, you’re a stronger person than we are.

5. Kristen Wiig kisses him on the beach for the first time

This scene is more romantic than merely sweat-inducing, but c’mon what’s not sexy about a make-out sesh along the beach? Darren’s character, Lee, and Kristen’s Imogene have a surprising amount of chemistry in the scene as they both realize they’re falling for each other. Beaches will do that to you.

4. Darren makes out with a rando on his bed

Our intro to Lee is a doozy: Imogene walks in on him getting hot ‘n heavy with an unnamed babe on his bed which is actually Imogene’s bed, as Darren is renting the room from her mom. (Darren in your bed? Dream come true!) This scene might have placed higher on the list if Darren were showing more skin, but alas, he was fully clothed. Luckily, the “fully clothed” thing won’t last long.

3. Darren speaks French

Darren Criss’s Top 5 Sexiest Scenes in His New Film Girl Most Likely
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French is the language of love, so of course we’re going to swoon when Lee who studied French at Yale, where he was a member of the Whiffenpoofs a cappella group (appropriate, no?) busts out some French at a book launch party that Imogene invites him to. Is it completely adorable? Oui, oui.

2. Darren dances — and then gets naked post-dancing

Darren’s voice is as amazing as ever in the Backstreet Boys cover band (to paraphrase their hit song: “Is Darren sexual? Yeahhh!”), but we especially love his onstage dancing, along with his smokin’ hot scene later on a club dance floor with Imogene. Plus, we get to see Darren change out of his costume after the boy band performance yes, he removes his shirt and pants which is never a bad thing.

1. Darren gets naked (so much nakedness!) in bed with Imogene

Is their sex scene quite as hot as scenes of Kurt and Blaine getting it on have been? Perhaps not, but it’s still pretty steamy and their post-hook-up conversation is pretty dirty, too. (Apparently, Lee does things in that bed that are not fit to print.) We’re just glad we didn’t erupt into a jealous rage that Kristen got to be naked in bed with Darren and we didn’t.

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